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Today's service to the Church

Today the members of the Province of the Most Holy Rosary keep alive the flame of its rich inheritance generously working in a number of different countries and cultures, serving the Church in communion with other members of the Dominican family present in the same region. To see all regions of the Province look at the Provincial Home Page :


After years of trying to found the Order in Korea by individual Dominicans, in 1989 the Provincial Chapter of the Province of the Most Holy Rosary, encouraged by the 400th anniversary of its foundation and the celebration of the canonization of 88 of its martyrs, witnesses of the Faith in Asia, desired to renew its missionary spirit by taking up a commendation of the General Chapter celebrated in Oakland the same year, which called upon the Province to found a house of the Order in Korea (Cmm. IV, 38). Which in practice meant not only to open a new field of apostolate in the Far East, but the establishing of the Order in Korea.

All needed preparations made, in 1990 the first three brothers arrived at Seoul. From the start the mission experienced many challenges of adjustments. Once initial difficulties of adaptation were overcome, on August 8th 1994, the General of the Order established the first religious house of the brethren in Seoul as House of St. Dominic. Already settled down, a renewed community of four brothers began accepting candidates for the Order, which eventually lead to the beginning to the first Korean novitiate on March 7th 1998 and consequently the first profession of the first three Korean brothers on March 7th 1999, which brought the numbers of brothers living in St. Dominic's small community to thirteen, four priests and nine student brothers.

The community carries out a twofold ministry. Firstly, in order to offer the Korean Church the value of our Dominican Charism, promotion and formation of vocations is a priority for the community. By firmly implanting the Order in Korea, we want to become an effective tool of evangelisation. Once accepted, all candidates study in the Central Seminary of Seoul. Simultaneously, at home they experience the Dominican religious way of life as well as they are instructed on important issues related to Dominican Spirituality. Likewise, after initial formation our candidates are encouraged to study abroad in order to open their perspectives and formed well, we hope they will play an important service to the Korean Church.

Secondly, the brethren are engaged in specific Dominican ministries as preaching and teaching the Word of God, specially to the faithful, in order to deepen their Christian roots. They help out in parishes, serve several religious communities of women, give lectures, and so on. Specially mention must be made of the Rosary and Lay apostolate carried out at home as well as Spiritual direction and giving retreats.

The new community is expected to grow steadfastly, therefore it is planned to expand our presence and service to the Church. In May 1999 St. Martin de Porres Retreat House was opened and the following year a formation house attached to a Church and a center of apostolate is expected to be open.

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Introduction  St. Dominic  / Order  Rosary Province  / Korea  Invitation  / WebSitesHomilies