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Introduction  St. Dominic  / Order  Rosary Province  / Korea  Invitation


The Dominicans or the Order of Preachers is a Catholic Religious Order founded by St. Dominic in 1216 for preaching and the salvation of souls. Its members are Christian faithful who under the action of the Holy Spirit follow Christ closely by professing the evangelical counsels of obedience, poverty and chastity.
Like the apostles, being of one mind and one heart in God, they live together in fraternal communities and they are totally dedicated to God and strive for the perfection of Charity in service to the Kingdom of God.
The Korean Dominican Home Page has been designed to present the Dominican Order or the Order of Preachers to the Korean public. Therefore even though main titles are written both in English and Korean, the page has been conceived and written in Korean. It offers the visitor a basic information about the Dominican Order: Spirituality, History, Saints, Documents, News, etc., as well as information about the Dominican Family working in South Korea. Special works such as the Rosary Fraternity, Students' Aquinas Fraternity, and Missions are also included.
In order to help those who might want to reflect on the Sunday's Celebration of the Word of God, this page contains a section on Preaching as well.
Finally, for those who might want to know more about us or about the Catholic Church, a selected Links section is included.
For the English public this English section with some basic information about St. Dominic and the Order is included as well. If you want to know more about us, you are welcome to contact us. Likewise, you might consult the Dominican International Home Page written in several languages : and the Missionary Province of the Most Holy Rosary's Home Page, written both in English and Spanish :

Introduction  St. Dominic  / Order  Rosary Province  / Korea  Invitation

You are always welcome to send an Email to the brethren :

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* Bro. Pedro Lee OP :
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* John (Baptist) Koh :


W.A. Hinnebusch OP., The Dominicans: a Short History (New York, 1975).
Eladia Neira OP., A Great Missionary Inheritance, in Life Today June-July, 1987.
Simon Tugwell OP., St.Dominic and the Order of Preachers (London, 1983).
Karl Suso Frank OFM., With Greater Liberty. A Short History of Christian Monasticism and Religious Orders (Darmstadt, 1983, English translation Michigan, 1993).

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